Plans go in for almost 40 new homes in Lauder

Planning approval is being sought for 38 new homes in Lauder.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 4:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th July 2018, 4:39 pm
A site being lined up for housing use in Lauder off Thirlestane Drive.

Land to the north of Thirlestane Drive is being disposed of by its joint owners, Scottish Borders Council and Edward Maitland-Carew, also owner of nearby Thirlestane Castle.

The site had originally been earmarked for a new school back in 2004, but nothing ever came of that plan.

A spokesperson for the developer, Bathgate-based Persimmon Homes East Scotland, said the proposal’s aim is to “provide a sustainable development, including a mix of housing types and tenures within a high-quality landscaping setting”.

The plan is for 38 two-storey houses, including a mix of two, three, four and five-bedroom properties.

The land is surrounded by existing housing on all sides apart from a narrow southern section boundary, where a vehicle access is proposed.

To the north is a mixture of mainly traditional homes along Factors Park and Wyndhead.

A public consultation over the plans was staged in April at Lauder Public Hall, and the majority of residents attending were said to be “relatively supportive” of the plans.

However, some concerns were raised over the lack of educational capacity in the town, with Lauder Primary School currently operating at full capacity.

Further concerns were also raised at the potential for increased traffic and parking in the area, given the number of properties proposed.

A council reports says: “Concerns were also raised over the footpaths which lead to Factors Park.

“It was thought they may be unsafe as many people will be exiting private driveways along this road, making the road unsafe to walk out onto.

“There is no footway on this road and it is on a corner.

“There are many children around, and concerns were raised that it will be unsafe to have more pedestrians walking along this way.

“However, the applicant will seek consultee advice on this matter through the application process, and if there are legitimate safety concerns, then the link can be removed from the proposals.

“Traffic concerns were raised as it was thought by some there would be a significant traffic increase because of the number of houses.

“Parking is seen as an ongoing problem for some residents in the adjacent development, with parking spilling onto the main street.

“Several attendees were of the view that Lauder village centre has very limited parking and is always congested.

“Concerns were raised on how it will cope with the extra traffic cause by the new development.

“A transport statement has been prepared which confirms that the surrounding road network is able to accommodate the additional traffic generated by the site.”

If agreed, the development would include a 25% provision for affordable housing.