Plans for apartments in Jedburgh High Street put on hold

The Jedburgh High Street site just after the demolition of the old building there in 2013.
The Jedburgh High Street site just after the demolition of the old building there in 2013.

Plans for luxury apartments on a site at the centre of Jedburgh have been withdrawn.

Scottish Borders Council received an application early last year to build seven apartments on land at 25 and 27 High Street, between residential and commercial buildings.

That application has now been withdrawn, but the architect behind the scheme, Galashiels-based Angus Architecture, has pledged to resubmit a bid once its design has been “refined”.

The Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland had raised objections to the scheme, intended to utilise and build on the remaining structural facade of a historic building.

A society spokesman said: “We object to the proposals as they appear to remove much of the remaining character of the building, which given its prominent position, has an unusually high impact on the quality of that side of the High Street.

“The windows on the ground floor are unnecessarily widened, where the existing dimensions would provide more than adequate light.

“The pitch and roofline should be kept, particularly at the front, and the existing chimneys should also be kept, as all of these features at roofline level help keep a consistent character to the varied buildings on this street.

“With these relatively minor alterations, a welcome reuse of this site can proceed while respecting the wider conservation area and the form of the listed building previously and still partly on the site.”

A spokesman for Angus Architecture said: “The current gap site blights the appearance of the High Street and only a single-storey structural facade remains, erected to support the existing masonry projections and to cover the steelwork buttressing the adjacent buildings.

“The plot had a historic building which has appeared on maps dating back to 1775.

“However, some records have the original going building back to 1660.

“The building has now been demolished due to it falling into a state of disrepair.”