Plans for 2G pitch lodged

The next step towards the creation of a 2G pitch in Selkirk has been taken with the submission of a planning application for the scheme.

The facility is proposed for the middle tier of pitches at the high school, next to Pringle Park.

A total of 20 floodlights, on six 15m columns, are planned, which will have a automatic shut-off time of 10pm.

Fencing around the pitch will be 3m high, with the exception of the areas behind the end goals, which will be 5m in height.

An access road to the pitch is proposed to run behind a belt of trees, which would remain, with root protection work carried out.

David Baptie, service director for commercial services at SBC has submitted the application and stated: “This facility will be run by Selkirk High School, but will be available for the wider community.

“Up to 35 hours per week has been allocated for community/club use outwith school hours.”

In the submission statement, Mr Baptie added: “Every effort has been made on the design of this facility to ensure minimal impact to surrounding properties, whilst providing a facility that meets the requirements of sports governing bodies.”

If approved, the pitch would be built early next year..