Planners have your big day covered

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MORE and more brides are turning to wedding planners, who can bring a wealth of bright ideas, to help organise the big day.

Wedding planners have the contacts to bring your look to life. So whether there are certain areas of the venue that you would like to camoflage or you really want to wow your guests with something they have never seen before, your co-ordinator may be able to help you.

And by getting a planner on board, you will know that any decoration or table setting required will have a professional touch.

If you’re finding it hard to choose the details of the style you would like or are simply frozen and stupefied by the endless possibilities, a planner can guide you through the madness.

The right person will be at the end of the phone whenever you start to wobble over decisions, providing plenty of insipiration. A good planner will also be a sounding board for any ideas or concerns you have.

So, if you’re a natural born worrier, having someone there could be a real stress buster.

If you’ve chosen a venue that’s not normally hired for weddings and doesn’t have an established wedding package, then investing in professional planning help may be a good move. Not only will the co-ordinator be able to create a running order for the day, they will also be able to liaise with all the various suppliers you’ll need to bring your day to life.

And they will be able to work directly with the venue owners to ensure every area – from health and safety to crockery – is covered.

If you have a demanding job, children to look after or are studying for exams, then you’re probably wondering where you will ever find the time to plan a wedding. Or perhaps you feel you can’t do a thorough job of comparing all the options and still come out within budget.

In these circumstances, a planner can find the best deals and make sure these little time-consuming details are in place, leaving you time for the fun stuff without the guilt.

Most wedding planners are creative thinkers and have many of the tools required to make your scribbles (and the pages you have ripped out of magazines) come alive.

And bringing a co-ordinator on board might be a wonderful way to get everyone on the same page if it begins to feel your wedding is being planned by committee.

You can even ask that they liaise with both sets of parents on delicate details, such as guest list requests.