Pirates, politics and intrigue at the Wynd

Melrose’s Wynd Theatre is showing a musical drama entitled Canary Gold.

A Wynd spokesperson said: “After yet another sell-out performance with the Borders Big Band, we are having a break until February 2, when we are thrilled to be having back with us Théâtre Sans Frontières, working with Teatro Tamaska, in their new production, Canary Gold.”

Théâtre Sans Frontières is a touring theatre company based in Northumberland, which produces and performs plays in different languages (mainly French, Spanish and English).

Their performance is billed as a satirical look at the 500 glorious years of wine trade between the Canary Islands and the UK.

Malmsey wine, known as Canary gold, was once the most sought-after tipple on the high seas, desired by European aristocracy, and mentioned by William Shakespeare in Henry IV part 2, when Sir John Falstaff says: “You have drunk too much Canaries; and that’s a marvellous searching wine.”

In the plot, set in present day Canary Wharf, wine traders and investors gather.

“A rare Canarian wine has come up for sale,” explains a publicist for Théâtre Sans Frontières: “Is it the real thing or an elaborate forgery? As the mystery surrounding the dusty old bottle begins to unravel, judge for yourself who the real pirates are.

“Be entertained by tales of this most precious of wines as it leaves its home in Tenerife and crosses the stormy Atlantic to North America, bound for London’s Canary Wharf.

“Full of rumbustious songs, live music and outrageous characters, this is a swashbuckling adventure worth walking the plank for. It’s Pirates of the Caribbean meets Angel’s Share, with a touch of The Madness of King George.”

Tickets for the 7.30pm show cost £12 (£8 students). Phone 01896 820028.