Petition plea urges a pooling together

It has recently come to my notice that the hydrotherapy pool at Borders General Hospital is under threat of closure.

I was both saddened and horrified to hear that this was even under consideration. I had a serious road traffic accident in 1999, and I received superb skilled help from the staff at the BGH – from the first moments in A&E through surgery by Mr Tiemessen and personal care from the staff of Ward 9 and many more folk.

The physiotherapists were a great help when it was time to learn to walk again, and the work done by them with me in the hydrotherapy pool was an important part of that period. There I gained confidence to become weight-bearing again after weeks of being confined to bed.

I am saddened to think that in future patients will not be able to have the pool to help in recovery as I had. The hospital gives such excellent help in every way, and I, understandably, think that this is an important part of the excellent service we receive in the Borders.

I would plead with anyone reading this who feels as I do to express their views. You can sign a petition online at Petitions, entering “save our hydrotherapy pool”.

Margaret Cashman

Abbotsford Road