Perpetrator should pay

yet again I read an article on vandalism to the Hawick Horse monument (Southern, February 2)

What I find incredible about this is the amount of high-profile time the police appear to put into this story and also the fact that in one report it was stated that they have found a budget of £5,000 to place a CCTV camera at the Horse? Why? It’s not as if it is attacked day in and day out, and when times are hard and councils etc. hard-pressed for money, could £5,000 be spent better elsewhere? And should all Borders towns get £5,000 to protect their monuments just in case?

Inspector Paula Clark is asking (rightly so) for the return of the broken pole to reduce repair costs. Hang on – am I being silly here? The person responsible for the crime should foot the repair bill, along with any other fines the courts may impose.

Once again it appears that we are turning into a silly society, protecting the crims every time.

Kevin Currie