Souters are coming back frae a’ the airts

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The Colonial Society is delighted to report that once again there will be a large turnout of exiles and visitors from overseas at this year’s Common Riding.

Details of those who are known to the society are listed right. As usual, the visitors will be introduced to the audience at the Annual Colour Bussin’ in the Victoria Hall on Wednesday , June 14 (tickets available in local newsagents) which will then be followed by the Overseas Visitors Reception, hosted by the Colonial Society.

Society chairman Ian Clapperton would be delighted to learn of any other exiles and overseas visitors who are planning to make the trip this year.

He said: “We wish all our returning exiles and overseas visitors a memorable Common Riding and that Colonial Standard Bearer Martin Murray has a large following ‘’doon the Green’’ before returning to the Market Place to cast his flag in the time honoured fashion – Safe Oot, Safe In.”

Colonial Standard Bearer Martin Murray is a former Selkirk rugby player who played for the club from 1999 to 2011, but his history with Selkirk Common Riding goes back even further to 1996 when he first attended with his future wife Fiona McKenzie.

She and Martin moved to Selkirk in 2002 and both their children, Ruaridh (14) and Sarah (9) were initially raised in Selkirk, attending Knowepark School before the family moved to Qatar in 2013 for work.