IN PICTURES: Tweedbank Fair

Tweedbank Lad and Lass Cammie Chapman and Eilidh Milliken, and their attendants were excellent ambassadors for their village during the annual festival.

By Kevin Janiak
Thursday, 6th June 2019, 4:19 pm
Principals with Melrosian Ben Magowan
Principals with Melrosian Ben Magowan

And following them every step of the way was our photographer Alwyn Johnston. Here’s all of his photos of a memorable festival.

On parade
Off to the school in a horse-drawn carriage.
Lass Eilidh Milliken, Lad Cammie Chapman and Sophia Sulo
On Parade
Melrose Pipe Band leads the parade
Tweedbank Thistle players ready for the parade,also with flowers/food
Lass Eilidh makes friends with the horse.
Brownies ready for the parade holding flowers/fruit which they later presented to council convener David Parker,
Lass Eilidh Milliken strikes one from the spot.
Tweedbank Lad Cammie Chapman tries his hand at the penilty shoot out
Coach rides around the lake
Girls just wanta have fun !!
David and Ruth Parker with Tweedbank Principals put their flowers and fruit on display.
Tweedbank Lad Cammie Chapman and Lass Eilidh Milliken.
Melrose Pipe Band leads the parade to Tweedbank School
The principals keep convenor Georgina Boggs right,
Richard and David Moffat with themselves.
Winner of the round the pond race Keira Swan (11) with Gadi Guziel (11)
Fun run around the pond
L-R Kyle Fitzgerald,Ranim Alahmad, Lad Cammie Chapman, Lass Eilidh Milliken,Ellis Brotherston and Sophia Sulo
Suits you!
Angelina Selkirk is the Mona Lisa
Fancy dress with an artistic flair.
Guess Who? We are unsure.
Tweedbank most certainly does have talent.
Colourful entry in the pink,
Artist Val Mayo paints a portrait of grandson Kyle Notman
Alladin and the genie take a trip on their magic carpet.
A bunch of cards!
On a slippery slope
Tweedie bears meet the Tweedbank lad and lass, from left: Kyle Fitzgerald, Ranim Alahmad, Lad Cammie Chapman, Lass Eilidh Milliken, Ellis Brotherston and Sophia Sulo
Gala Ex Service Club Pipe Band
Visiting principals from Melrose
Early Learners judged to be the best