IN PICTURES: Morebattle Festival Week fancy dress

An army tank, a rock star and Little Bo Peep were victorious in Friday’s fancy dress, which took place at the school playing field as part of Morebattle Festival Week.

Monday, 12th August 2019, 4:05 pm
Alec, Arran and Keira Clelland with Tamara Jeffrey.

Photographer Bill McBurnie went along to the traditional fancy dress competition. which was judged by Mary and Charlie Symons. Aaron Cleland’s army tank was awarded first place in the children under-seven’s category; Martin McGillivary, dressed as a rock star, won the eight-to-16 section; Little Bo-Peep was named the best children’s group; and the first 50 years of the hungry caterpillar took the mixed group title.

Angela, Tamara and Sarena Cook with Alfie Stevens, James Laing and Eithan Stevens.
Judges Charles and Mary Simmons with Games Queen Orlaith O'Brien and winner Alec Clelland.
Annika Schaeli and Marti Mack.
Hannah, Bethany and Benjamin Fahey, with Tyler and Rylie Smith.
Weather girls Elsie Douglas, Evie Leonard and Iona Douglas.
The three Musketeers, Duncan, Archie and Logan with dad Joe O'Mara.
Annika Schaeli and Emma Thomson.
Alison Flemming and Alastair Currie.
Aoife O'Brien, Jenny Thomson, Orlaith and Lilee O'Brien and Robbie Thomson.