IN PICTURES: 2019 Hizzy Memorial Run

Hundreds of motorcycling enthusiasts got on their bikes to take part in the annual ride around the region in memory of Hawick-born superbike champion Steve Hislop.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 2:39 pm
Riders on the 17th Hizzy Run at Denholm.

The 17th staging of the Hizzy Memorial Run on Sunday coincided with a series of events taking place on the Isle of Man to mark 30 years since the late racing legend became the first rider to lap at over 120mph in its Tourist Trophy races. Photographer Bill McBurnie caught up with riders and spectators in Denholm.

Elle and Lyndsey Hunter from Hawick enjoying an ice cream after the Hizzy run in Denholm.
Carre Hickman, Hayden McAllister and Aynsley Trotter from Selkirk at Denholm.
Stuart and Darcy Marshall from Hawick waiting for riders on the Hizzy Run coming to Denholm.
Eithan, Hollie and Claire Scott from Jedburgh at the Hizzy Run.
Kerry Murdock with Logan and Amanda Stewart enjoying the Hizzy Run at Denholm.
Fraser Balls on the throttle of Robert Nairns Triumph Trident 900 from Coldstream.
Carter Harvey getting a tune up on his bike by Pitstop mechanic Alan Patterson, assisted by Tamara Jeffrey and Callie Harvey.
The 17th Memorial Hizzy Run.
The 17th Memorial Hizzy Run.
A 2.3 litre Triumph Rocket on the Hizzy run.
Event organisers Dave McNairn and Wendy Oliver.
Scott Yule and Lucie Shand from St Boswells, with Allan Shand and Jayne Findlay from Gala after the Hizzy run.
Robyn and Jake Aston from Hawick.