Home Basics has new home in Hawick

Home Basics has a new home in Hawick, and opens its doors to the public on Monday, May 3.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 3:59 pm
Home Basics new home in Hawick's Croft Road.

The new warehouse in Croft Road, Hawick, just opposite the old store, has great treats in store for customers, not least a huge sale on quality household items.

The team are excited to welcome back customers to their impressive new store, which expands its in-store showroom and offers more reuse deals.

Marketing director Mim Wright said: “Our team remains passionate about preventing waste and working with communities to find ways of giving quality household items a new home.

Home Basics new store in Croft Road, Hawick.

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Recycle Your Electricals.

"This crucial project offers the perfect opportunity to increase capacity to reuse more electricals and work together across local communities to responsibly dispose of unwanted electrical items.

"Broadening our product range and services deepens relationships with local authorities while supporting targets for Scotland in the effort to become a zero waste society.

“Home Basics’ new warehouse and increased capacity also keeps our organisation in a strong position to serve those most in need.

"In today’s economy with challenges we have all faced over the last 18 months, many more of us are finding it harder to keep life and finances in balance.

"We offer a loyalty card for all customers, which is available to everyone in addition to our discount scheme for those on means-tested benefits.

“Similarly, changing times means organisations are having to adapt their ways of working, offering different services for our supporters.

"Home Basics is working hard to ensure our services adapt to the needs of customers in the coming months and we seek to offer an appointment and click and collect service.”

Home Basics welcome donations of working electricals, quality furniture and household items.

Mim added: “Generosity of our donors is vital for us to operate a self-sufficient organisation.

"We are thankful to all our donors and grant giving partners for their support in helping us move towards a more circular economy.

“We can’t wrap up without giving huge thanks and recognition to the Home Basics Hawick team, kind volunteers among that team and the relentless hard work they have all triumphed over the few months.

"Home Basics offers local employment and volunteer opportunities within the charity sector whilst changing behaviours for us all to put protecting the environment on our personal agenda.

“To browse our showroom or get in touch, please visit our website and look out for more news about our partnership with Recycle Your Electricals over the coming months.”

Home Basics has outlets in Walkerburn and Hawick.

The stores are open to everyone and often have unique items in stock to suit all tastes and budgets.

The charity encourages a reuse society across local communities, reaffirming the value of household assets, helping to reduce waste, while preventing the need for manufacturing new products similar to those readily available and locally sourced.

It aims to offer affordable items to customers on low incomes who are eligible for a discount scheme.