Galashiels swimming pool remains closed due to faults

Galashiels swimming pool.
Galashiels swimming pool.

Galashiels swimming pool, which was due to reopen today after almost a week, will remain closed until at least tomorrow.

The Livingstone Place facility was closed last Friday, December 28, due to mechanical issues, and remained shut for two days afterwards citing mechanical issues and temperature problems as the reasons for the closure.

Live Borders, the pool’s operator, had hoped to get the pool open again ahead of scheduled new year closures on January 1 and 2 but failed to resolve the problems in time, meaning the facility has now been closed to the public for a full week.

It was expected to reopen to swimmers today, but today a Live Borders update said: “The Galashiels swimming pool will remain closed today due to temperature issues.

“We are trying to get these issues sorted as quickly as possible.

“We apologise for any inconvenience.”