Drunk teenager thought care home was a hotel

A drunk teenager who confronted staff at a care home in Hawick thinking it was a hotel has been ordered to pay £310 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 10:08 am
St Margaret's Care Home in Hawick

Fraser McLelland, 19, had been drinking with friends during lockdown on February 11 and then had little recollection of his actions.

He pleaded guilty to punching and kicking a motor vehicle in Green Terrace and then act in an aggressive manner towards two staff members at St Margaret’s Care Home and repeatedly kick a door there.

Procurator fiscal Fraser Matheson said:"He was observed walking along the road and muttering to himself before punching and kicking an unattended car. The witness heard thuds.

"Ultimately the accused went into Myreslaw Green and rang the bell of St Margaret's Care Home.

"He indicated he worked for an agency and that he thought it was a hotel. He was told it wasn't but just replied "aye, aye, aye" and could not produce any identification when asked.

"He became aggressive towards one of the female workers telling her to [email protected]@@ off and then pointed at the other staff member saying he would speak to her. He then starting kicking a door there."

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said the apprentice engineer had no recollection of the incident.

He explained:"He met up with some friends in Hawick the night before and had consumed alcohol. he had left the premises wearing someone else's shoes and took someone else's bagpack..

"He is in a position to pay a fine."

Sheriff Peter Paterson told him:"This illustrates the perils of drink."

McLelland, who gave an address in Galashiels, was fined £200 and ordered to pay £50 in compensation to each of the two care home staff members as well as a £10 Victim Surcharge.