Ancrum group advancing towards biodiversity

Volunteers at work in Ancrum.
Volunteers at work in Ancrum.

Ancrum Biodiversity Group was awarded an advancing award by Keep Scotland Beautiful, the charity behind the campaign which rewards community participation and environmental responsibility.

The informal group, affiliated to the community council, was formed three years ago and works closely with the primary school.

Group member Ilona McDowell said: “It is sometimes difficult engaging people widely in biodiversity projects so I think something like this helps us feel that what we are doing is worthwhile.”

Ilona added: “We started off with just a few patches of wild flowers in the village but now have a number of projects over the whole village and do a lot of work alongside the primary school too.

“The children are keen on being wildlife friendly and have transformed parts of their playground into a wildlife garden.”

Dr Lindsay Montgomery from Keep Scotland Beautiful commented: “I would like to congratulate all of the 2017 It’s Your Neighbourhood participants. Their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment has helped to improve local environments Scotland-wide, and for which I thank them on behalf of the charity.