Peebles man fined £500 for cocaine possession

Selkirk Sheriff Court.
Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Being in possession of £250 worth of cocaine cost an apprentice spray-painter a fine of £500 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Jack McMillan, 20, of George Street, Peebles, pleaded guilty to that offence, committed on the A72 road near Eshiels on February 3.

Graham Fraser, prosecuting, explained that police officers pulled over a vehicle shortly after midnight as it was driving too fast.

He continued: “The accused was spoken to and the view was taken that he was in possession of controlled drugs.

“Seven grammes of cocaine with a value of £250 were recovered.”

Defence lawyer Hugh Harley said his client has had an interest in cocaine for the past four years, but this prosecution had made him rethink and he is now dealing with the issue.

Sheriff Peter Paterson told McMillan: “There are some who take the view that possession of cocaine is not a serious matter. It is.

“This is a class-A drug and a serious issue. If you are back before the court again on a similar matter, you will be dealt with differently.”

He reduced the fine from £750 due to the accused’s early guilty plea.