Peebles 27-year-old fined £500 over drink-driving crash and £150 for assaulting partner

Currie Road in Galashiels.
Currie Road in Galashiels.

A motorist was found to be three times the legal alcohol limit for driving when breathalysed six hours after being involved in an accident, Selkirk Sheriff Court has been told.

Craig Robertson, 27, of Provost Melrose Place, Peebles, was banned from driving for 19 months and fined £300 after pleading guilty to a drink-driving offence.

He admitted driving in Currie Road and Glenfield Road East in Galashiels with a breath-alcohol count of 66 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22, on January 14.

The court was told he had been at a social gathering and had driven to a supermarket but his vehicle left the road and ended up in a garden.

Robertson was also fined £200 for failing to report an accident to the police within 24 hours.

On top of that, he was fined £150 for assaulting his partner at a house in Forest View, Peebles, on June 12.