Peaceful recipe

May I congratulate the following cafes for giving their customers not only the very best service, but also a peaceful, relaxing time while they are there.

These are the Floors Castle Terrace Cafe, Woodside Cafe and Garden Centre near Jedburgh, Waterwheel Cafe near Selkirk and Teviot Smokery. Peaceful and relaxing because of no loud music.

How many places can we go in now without it?

I flee immediately when I enter any shop or business place if it plays ‘screaming cats’ music. Like smoking, it should be banned in enclosed spaces (along with mobile phones).

Don’t the managers realise that people want to shop and browse and think clearly while there? How much trade is lost because of it?

I appreciate that many younger folk like noise, but I certainly don’t and I know several others who feel the same.

Jean Cunningham