Patti gets a sweat on for new exhibition

Patti Lean's Tiree Mind Breath is part of Timelines exhibition
Patti Lean's Tiree Mind Breath is part of Timelines exhibition
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The saying that creative genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration takes on a tangible form at a new art exhibition in Glasgow which features Eskdalemuir’s Bella Green.

Patti Lean of Dumfries has mixed droplets of her own sweat with watercolour, graphite and ink to create 30 studies on papers for the Timelines show, which features the work of 10 women artists.

“These new paintings, Tiree Mind Breath 1-30, are my response to what it feels like to be a runner,” said Patti. “As I’m interested in mixing organic by-product material with paint, I mixed a tiny amount with the watercolour water.

“All 30 works are mounted in CD cases, and I’m reliably informed that the ‘sweat solute’ mainly consists of minerals and water. When I’m running, I have a mic attached to my ankle to record sounds such as breaking twigs or my own heartbeat.”

The 10 artists – Jane Blair, Bella Green, Patti Lean, Silvana McLean, Margaret Robb, Maggie Savage, Gill Shreeve, Claire Sutherland, Jennifer Watt and Kathleen Woods – are all based in the south-west of Scotland and are part of the artist group Ten.

To highlight the creative process and finished works, the artists set themselves the challenge of making works which explore and express the passage of time and development of ideas over a single month, hence the name Timelines.

Each artist is exhibiting 300 small studies, including painting, sculpture and printmaking, alongside large scale, more developed pieces, with some of the work reflecting their surroundings.

Timelines is hosted at RGI Kelly Gallery in Douglas Street until July 7.