Party’s territorial expansion plans?

I was surprised when a Borders Party election leaflet dropped through the letter box last week.

It was the second piece of election literature from the Borders Party in a month.

As a resident of Biggar, I will be voting in the Clydesdale East ward for South Lanarkshire Council.

If the Borders Party takes the Borders seriously – and members do go to great lengths to extol their knowledge of the region – can it explain why its candidates don’t seem to be aware of the boundaries of the region? Or, if they are aware, should Biggar residents be on the lookout for Borders Party reivers plotting territorial expansion of the Borders through a leafleting campaign in neighbouring council areas?

Whatever the answer, I shall be giving my votes to the SNP. Above all else, the SNP candidates know that Biggar is in South Lanarkshire.

Simon Ritchie