Partnership approach would ensure equality for the gay community

It is good to see that there is at least one thing Alastair Lings and I agree on (Moving with the times, letters, January 24).

That was exactly what I was doing when I suggested that the gays create their own church. It would avoid schism in the church and communities – if that is not moving with the times, then what is?

While I agree that the gay community should be treated as equals with heterosexual society, that should be done through the partnership law introduced to give them equality as couples and not further undermine the church and marriage.

If the church is all that is missing from that equality, a church of their own would more than adequately solve that omission.

I would agree with Mr Lings that any half-decent deity would not destroy Scotland.

In these modern times I do not think he would need to intervene with all the greedy control freaks that help make up our political systems, both in Scotland and Westminster. They have already dispensed with our democracy and independence of any kind will, I am sure, do that job for him.

Mrs A. G. Allan


Marriage and family are the building blocks of society, and when marriage and family break down, so do the bonds holding society together.

Marriage today is seen as not essential in making a family, children with different parents becomes more normal, and step-parents can often mean domestic and sexual abuse within the family.

The sexual revolution caused divorce to become easy and an increase in both single parents and abortion, so just what is wrong with making the commitment to God of marriage to one person? The Bible and God’s laws are inherent in our society and in our own laws, and each person’s religious and philosophical views have a major impact on how they deal with the pressures of life.

Pessimism, materialism and sexual immorality start with our ever-increasing anti-religious scepticism.

Ms S. Adams