Panto fun ‘oh yes it was’ at Kelso

IT was Panto Pandemonium at a primary school in Kelso yesterday as the 100 primary six and seven pupils of Edenside staged two performances of that production in their school hall.

One of the four teacher producers, Emma Brown said: “The staff are tremendously proud of the children for their dedication, hard work, motivation and enthusiasm.”

The story has four children going to a school pantomine, but the Wicked Witch is trying to destroy pantomines, assisted by the Baddies. Three magic objects, including Aladdin’s lamp and Cinderella’s slipper, have also been stolen.

However, help is on hand as the Good Fairy tries to save pantomines with the help of the Goodies. The Baddies muddle up favourites such as Cinderella and Aladdin as the Goodies attempt to restore them.

Ultimately, it may be that magic objects were returned to their rightful owners and the Wicked Witch saw the error of her ways...

The primary six and seven classes have been working on the production since October, for one of their term topics has been pantomines. And last Friday they went to see Mother Goose at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh.

Mrs Brown said: “They have been really fantastic. With 100 children being involved, it’s also been about being patient and waiting their turn, and they really did step up to the mark for the dress rehearsal (on Tuesday) which was the first time they had a live audience. We have had a tremendous amount of help from the janitor and school support staff.”

Asked what has been a highlight, Mrs Brown said: “The whole experience for the children. It was really motivating for them, going to see the panto in Edinburgh and having a real audience at the dress rehearsal after weeks of rehearsing. They’ve taken a huge amount from it. And the costumes and face paint make a lot of difference as well!”

The primary sevens were in the lead roles and the two primary six classes portrayed the Goodies and the Baddies.

As TheSouthern went to press yesterday 300 of a maximum 400 tickets had been allocated for the 1.30pm and 6.30pm performances.