Over 120 NHS staff to move out of Newstead HQ

NHS Borders, Newstead
NHS Borders, Newstead

More than 120 NHS Borders employees will be relocated to the BGH complex and to offices in Melrose by the end of March in a bid to save cash.

Some staff will work from the main hospital building itself as well as the education centre, which is next to the short stay car park.

Employees will also be moved to the Westgrove offices on Waverley Road, Melrose.

An NHS Borders spokeswoman told The Southern: “The Newstead site, which currently hosts a head count of 124 employees including the board executive team and a range of NHS Borders support services will close by the end of March 2014.”

She added: “NHS Borders must achieve savings of £4.8 million by the end of the current financial year.

“The closure of the Newstead site will reduce our property, energy and maintenance costs in addition to releasing a capital resource for investment in healthcare services.”

The Newstead site will be put up for sale on the open market following the relocation of staff.

At a public meeting in Darnick last month, held to discuss parking issues following the introduction of parking restrictions at the BGH, concerns were raised about the implications of the move.

Provost of Melrose, Willie Windram, said more staff working at the Westgrove offices could cause parking issues at the Melrose end of High Cross Avenue and in Tweedmount Road.

He added: “I hope extra consideration is given to where these people will be able to park.”

This week Bridget Khursheed, chair of Darnick Village Trust and community councillor, said that following the introduction of staff car sharing spaces at the BGH the situation in the village had improved, although residents were not confident that this was the result of the changes or staff being on holiday.

“Traffic on High Cross Avenue still seems to be a recurring theme and people are wondering what will happen when the extra staff arrive from Newstead,” she said.

“Even with locals walking and some car sharing, it could take us right back to the problems we had before.”