Outstanding support

I had the privilege of running the Better Together (NO) campaign for Tweeddale and would like to thank the people of that area for their outstanding support in the referendum vote.

The average turnout was 93 per cent across Tweeddale, with the Burgh Hall, Peebles, having the largest turnout at 95.4 per cent. We know that some villages voted 75 per cent No. Tweeddale has contributed enormously to the large 66.6 per cent vote for No across the Borders, second only to Orkney on 67.2 per cent.

Our team of volunteers came from members of the major parties, plus many with no party allegiance. The majority of them either hadn’t knocked on doors or were uncomfortable with it, but they soon discovered that the people of Tweeddale were very friendly and welcoming – even when they were voting Yes.

Our street stalls in Peebles and Innerleithen were warmly welcomed by the vast majority of residents and visitors.

The sovereign will of the Scottish people has been clearly stated as supporting Scotland within the United Kingdom. This should be respected by all parties and we should all work together for the good of Scotland.

I know that many Yes supporters were gutted at the outcome and may still be feeling sore. Our team would have been if the decision had gone the other way.

Everyone put so much energy and emotion into the campaigns.Let’s hope that good sense will prevail and together we can tap into this energy and emotion to work together for a better future for Scotland within the United Kingdom.

Brian McCrow