Outrageous increase

Readers might wonder what the proposed outrageous increase in income for MPs has to do with them. However, the link is that MSPs’ wages is calculated as a percentage of those for MPs.

It is only reasonable that we should be outraged by an 11 per cent increase – from £66,000 to £74,000 – when statistics from a few years ago (nowadays I am sure it is more extreme) show that more than half our population earn less than £20,000 each year, while less than 10 per cent have incomes over £40,000.

MPs were already among the top seven per cent, along with billionaires and millionaires. Meanwhile, the public sector workers we rely on are offered one per cent of what is very little.

I would like to remind readers of the Scottish Socialist Party’s practical policy of any elected representative’s income being the same as the average pay of a skilled worker.

When we had six MSPs they kept only half their wage and the rest went to help finance our campaigns for free prescriptions, that is now government policy, and universal free school meals so there would be no doubt that all pupils could learn and not be hungry.

Also, we argued for free public transport that would show we were serious about measures to fight climate change as well as benefit everyone in these times of austerity.

Norman Lockhart

Waverley Road