Out of the two-horse race?

Following a leaflet through my letter box promoting the reinstatement of garden waste collection which Clovenfords never had in the first place, I have now received a leaflet from a different political party extolling the many virtues of our local Member of Parliament.

Many claims are made on the great Record of Delivery that the local member’s party have made in Westminster. Last time I looked there was a coalition government in power and his party were the junior partners who, invariably, made up the numbers to pass decisions that were going through in any case.

Although opinion polls cannot be 100 per cent accurate, it would appear that his hold on this constituency for May’s Westminster Parliament elections is at least tenuous. Every Tory and their granny will vote, but the Liberal Democrat vote cannot be assured.

The Borders’ Aye Been vote will at least guarantee that the fall in Liberal Democrat votes will not quite reach the disastrous depths of 300 or so that happened in the Rochester by-election last week.

However, let us hope that a tedious leaflet showing the Liberal Democrats ahead of the Tories in histogram block diagram, with the other parties nowhere, does not come through the letter box. And if we get the usual argument that it is a two-horse race, it may well be true, but this time it will not be a Westminster Tory party versus a mercenary Liberal Democrat party again willing to go into another unholy alliance.

This time a home-based Scottish party will be the challengers.

Derek Philips