Our young champions!

Community Group Award winners - Wired on Radio Borders
Community Group Award winners - Wired on Radio Borders

After months of anticipation, the nine winners of the 2014 Scottish Borders Inspire Awards were revealed at an exclusive event last Friday.

Now in their second year, the Inspire Awards honour young Borderers aged 12-25 for their outstanding achievements and successes as individuals and groups in the fields of sport, community, music and the arts and volunteering, with the Inspirational Individual award being reserved for a nominee deemed by the judges to be particularly inspirational.

Hundreds of young people from across the Scottish Borders attended the high-profile Saltire Inspire Awards ceremony at the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels. The event 
was planned, organised and hosted by the young people of the Inspire Awards Group with the support of Scottish Borders Council (SBC) and Volunteer Centre Borders (VCB).

The 2014 winners were:

z Sport (Individual): Izzy Kyle, aged 14, Kelso

z Sport (Group): Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassadors

z Community (Individual): Scott Redmond, aged 16, Hawick

z Community (Group): Wired on Radio Borders

z Music and the Arts (Individual): – Rebecca McCue, aged 13, Melrose

z Music and the Arts (Group): VOMO Cast and Crew of Talent

z Volunteering (Individual): Darwin Vevers, aged 18, Hawick

z Volunteering (Group): Galashiels Academy S3 Pathways Group

z Inspirational Individual: Rachel Callaghan, aged 19, Galashiels

Funded by Scottish Borders Council and Volunteer Centre Borders with support from local businesses and national organisations, including Foundation Scotland, Young Scot Youth Action Fund, O2 Think Big and the Borders Railway Community Grant, the event included the presentation of Saltire Awards for young volunteers.

The ceremony saw 790 Saltire certificates being distributed to 233 young volunteers, amounting to a total of more than 20,000 hours of volunteering in areas such as peer mentoring and sports leadership.

Many of the young people receiving Saltire certificates have been volunteering for years, sometimes in difficult and demanding circumstances, showing a dedication and generosity of spirit which, according to one of the judges, made them a credit to their communities.

Susan Swan, VCB Executive Officer, commented: “It has been a privilege to work with the team who have arranged the Saltire Inspire Awards event. Their significant contribution has allowed us to celebrate all that is good about young people across the Borders. It has been an uplifting experience for everyone.”