On the rocky road to Tweedbank station

I have been confused for some time that letters from Lorne Anton – praising the Borders railway, for which he is campaign chairman, while ridiculing anyone who questions the logic of the rail proposal – have come in the past from Traquair, near Peebles, but now from Ayton, near Berwick, which on my last check of Goole Earth was situated about 38 miles from the central Borders.

It would appear that Mr Anton intends to travel to Tweedbank to jump on the train to Edinburgh, instead of popping five miles down to Berwick to catch the East coast train. This will probably be so that he can experience the rutted, potholed roads in central Borders and check on the hundreds of new houses which are planned in part to finance same railway and provide its passengers.

Meanwhile, Scottish Borders Council roads department is confident that there is ample road capacity for any increase in traffic from developments like Easter Langlee – 500 houses proposed there. How many cars is that? This is the roads department which just resurfaced the road near Easter Langlee and is now planning for it to be dug up to put water pipes in for Easter Langlee.

Logical planning! Must be in case anyone gets excited about a lovely piece of new tar. If it is repaired in the accepted standard it will fit in with all the other rutted, potholed roads in central Borders towns which can’t be repaired because there is no money – thanks to the cost of the railway.

Hamish I. Carruthers