Old soldiers dig deep to help send Sarah on her way

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A BORDERS teenager has taken a giant step towards a new career – thanks to the generosity of veteran soldiers of the Malayan Emergency, writes Bert Houston.

For 17-year-old Sarah Emmerson, pictured, from Newton Don, Kelso, has passed through a selection process to travel to Malaysia to teach English, but has to raise £5,700 to take up the post.

The former national servicemen who were with the King’s Own Scottish Borders heard of Sarah’s ambition and invited her to their annual reunion in Peebles – and then surprised her by raising £560 on the spot towards her trip.

An overjoyed Sarah said: “This was a tremendous gesture and one which was so kind. It’s a good percentage of what I need to raise and it is really appreciated.”

Sarah, who hopes to take up the post next August and is busy planning various events to raise more cash towards the target, first became interested when she received a talk at school.

She said: “I initially thought of South Africa, but then noticed Malaysia on the list and it looked really interesting.”

She went through a selection process and learned of her success at school.

Sarah said: “My mother sent me a text to say I had been selected and I was over the moon completely and so excited.

“I’m hoping the post will be in the rainforests or a rural area. I’m not keen on cities, being a Borders girl, but I’ll be happy wherever they send me.”