Oh for a smooth road ahead in Gordon

May I congratulate the roads department staff on the fine job they have done on the Redpath road as one leaves Earlston.

This rutted and bumpy piece of tarmac has been transformed into a thing of beauty, enhancing the properties at its side.

The next job must be Gordon’s main street which has been waiting for a top coat for more years than grandparents can remember. At 45mph in a modern car it probably passes muster – but on my bicycle I am forced into the pavement by its bumps and roughness.

Perhaps the director could spare a little tar – maybe in March when he sees a gap in the budget. I’m sure we would all be willing to park our cars off the road to help the job along. If this is impossible, could it please be put in the capital budget for next year.

Oh how I yearn to see the bonny tar of Gordon before I pass away.

Miles Browne