Offensive Lauder float crossed the line

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I’m very bad at telling jokes. I usually get the narrative right, but struggle with the punchline. So I don’t bother trying.

There is skill in delivery and pitching the right joke to the right audience at the right time and place. That is where the Lauder lads went wrong. In another context – a late-night revue – there may be space for a Jimmy Savile satire, but not in a public parade through a community. I wonder what children made of it?

My real concern is not the naivety of those on the float, but the inexplicable failure of the “committee” to recognise it might not be appropriate to mock a paedophile in these circumstances. To then award third prize compounds the error. Would a float with priests or indeed a cardinal with young boys cavorting have been OK? Of course not.

There is a fine line between entertaining and offending, and that line was crossed. It has upset victims of paedophiles that their experience was used for family entertainment. So let’s put it down to being misguided rather than malevolent.

Constituency Tour

The wee Volkswagen caravanette turned up trumps and so did the impromptu office in the back.

Tony (brother) and me whirled around this diverse constituency from the Pentlands to the Eildons.

Beautiful countryside. But you can’t eat the views and folk are feeling the financial pinch, whether at home or in business.

This so-called property boom makes me very worried. If house prices go sky high again, then those with no home have no chance to find one. Besides, where is the money coming from to take out those mortgages? Wasn’t it mad credit that got us in this recession in the first place?

I started out in a council house and saved 10 per cent deposit before the local bank manager – who actually existed, lived locally and met you face-to-face – would let me and my husband borrow. We were exasperated at the time, but he was so right.

Two things then. More council/housing association homes needed – which the Scottish Government is building, keep them recycled in the public sector by getting shot of right to buy –already done – and responsible bank lending.

David McLetchie MSP

Some people have the impression that because of opposing political views it extends to the personal. This is far from the truth.

When I learned of Conservative David Mc Letchie’s death it was with sadness and relief that the awfulness of his cancer had ended.

He loved singing and just before one Christmas, perhaps with a red wine or two to help the larynx, Margo MacDonald, me and David sang “Baby it’s cold outside”. Pre-YouTube, I hope. Ach David, I’ll miss you.