Wandering Borders toy bear AWOL again

Local youngster Luca Armstrong’s teddy bear, Porridge, is no stranger to having exciting adventures and is already a seasoned traveller.

For almost all of Luca’s seven-and-a-half years, Porridge Bear has been his constant companion.

But he has a habit of getting lost and is now AWOL (absent without leave) once again, and Luca is so devastated at the lost of his cuddly soft-toy chum that his dad, Rob, says he is prepared to offer a cash reward for Porridge’s safe return.

“Porridge Bear has been by Luca’s side for nearly seven years, apart from the times he spent lost in Africa and France, as well as having to be rescued from the dustbin several times,” explained Rob, who lives in Minto and plays in well-known local band Tarras.

“When he was lost in Africa, he was found by a local child in Uganda and miraculously we were traced, and two months later Porridge arrived back safely home to the Borders in a brown package tied up with string.

“A year later he was lost in France, but turned up the following month in a hotel launderette covered in dirty towels.

“He has escaped being eaten by the bin lorry several times and even rescued from the jaws of a local pooch who decided to take him home for dinner!

“But he is now lost again and Luca is devastated.”

According to Rob, Porridge’s latest escapade began when he went missing on October 25 after being last seen attending a concert by Tarras in St Boswells Village Hall.

“We’ve been reassuring Luca that Porridge Bear will return one day, but even Luca is starting to think he will never see him again and though I hate to admit it, he sheds a tear for that little bear every night .

“So we’re appealing to anyone who might have information on Porridge Bear – maybe the cleaners found him, or maybe he is with another little boy or girl?

“If anyone knows his whereabouts, we can be contacted on 07887 984845 (or email robarm@btinternet.com) and are offering a cash reward for the safe return of Porridge Bear.

“He must have nine lives because he always turns up against all the odds, but we are starting to think that his nine lives might have been used up.”