Heaven-sent opportunity to wriggle out of football game

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A Galashiels Academy PE teacher has described how his pupils were forced to run for cover – from a shower of more than 100 worms, writes Kenny Paterson.

David Crichton was in charge of a group of pupils playing football on the multi-court pitch beside the school when the invertebrates began falling from the sky.

The second-year class of boys had to abandon their lesson as the earthworms continued to fall during the bizarre incident.

David explained: “We went out to one of our outdoor areas – an all-weather Astroturf pitch.

“We were out playing football and had just done our warm up and were about to start the next part of the lesson.

“We started hearing this wee thudding noise on the ground.

“There were about 20 worms already on the ground at this point. Then they just kept coming down.”

Mr Crichton, 26, who plays football for Borders amateur side Gala Hotspur, said the pupils were laughing and running for cover from the unexpected slimy shower, which took place last Tuesday morning.

The teacher scooped up handfuls of the worms that had fallen from the sky as proof they had landed on his class.

David said he and his colleagues eventually found around 120 worms in total after checking the artificial football pitch and tennis courts.

He added: “After it happened I counted about 60 on the multi-purpose court we were on.

“I went in and told the other PE teachers and we went out to the tennis courts about 100 yards away.

“There were about 60 there on the tennis courts - so there were over 100 in total.

“Everyone was having a laugh at me about it until they went out and saw for themselves.

“They were joking about it – and I said ‘if you don’t believe me go out and have a look’.

“Everyone thought I was mad. They came back in and looked shocked.

“The boys have certainly been talking all about it since then.”

Showers of worms falling from the heavens have been reported in the past in the US, Norway and Sweden.

And four years ago, a woman was crossing a road in Louisiana, in the US, on her way to work when large clumps of tangled worms dropped down from above.

David added: “I spoke with the science department here but none of them had any explanation for it.

“One of them thought maybe it was a freak weather thing but it was such a clear, calm day.

“And we are quite a bit away from any of the buildings so it’s not like anyone could have been throwing them.

“I Googled it and it seems to have happened in America before. I thought that might have been to do with the weather there, but I don’t really know.”