Happy ending to tale of lost chum called Porridge Bear

The tale of missing teddy, Porridge Bear, has a happy ending after the wayward toy turned up safe and well in a little girl’s bedroom in Kelso.

Last week The Southern told how Minto youngster, Luca Armstrong, aged seven, had been left devastated after losing his teddy bear yet again.

Porridge bear comes home

Porridge bear comes home

Porridge Bear has gone missing on numerous previous occasions, but has miraculously been returned home from as far afield as Uganda and France to the Borders.

But after he disappeared following a concert in St Boswells in October, Luca’s dad, Rob, feared Porridge Bear might never be seen again.

However, after Rob contacted The Southern for help and we told readers of Luca’s sad story – and the reward offered for the bear’s safe return – there was good news.

Rob told us: “We had a phone call from a chap from Kelso, who said: ‘I think we have your bear’. We couldn’t contain ourselves; we were so excited and relieved; was it really Porridge Bear or an imposter?”

With visions of a bear identity parade having to be staged somewhere in Kelso, Rob headed off to rescue this most elusive bear. 
“And sure enough it was him!” added Rob. “Sitting on a window sill, like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“He was found in a car park near the village hall in St Boswells. The chap had asked if he belonged to anyone but no-one claimed him, so reluctantly he took Porridge Bear back to Kelso and popped him at the end of his daughter’s bed.

“When his daughter awoke she took Porridge Bear to meet all the other bears and dolls in her bedroom and for the last three months he has had a new family.

“But after seeing last week’s article in The Southern Reporter, the girl’s father recognised Porridge Bear and felt quite sorry for this little boy from Minto and so he called the number in the paper.”

Rob says the reward was duly paid: “However, the little girl’s dad, who wants to remain anonymous, has decided to give the reward money to a local children’s charity.

“So all’s well that ends well. Luca is a very happy boy once more and has tied Porridge Bear to the end of his bed with an old shoe lace and will never let him escape again.”