Fun for all .... except the haggis

Selkirk Haggis Hunt
Selkirk Haggis Hunt
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HUNTERS took to The Hill on Sunday and the haggis (right) stood little chance.

After being securely guarded by Commander Beechy Grieve and his commandos, they were relentlessly pursued and bagged.

Around 250 hunters gathered in the Market Place where Assistant Head Haggis Hunter Bob Burgess sent them on their way by spelling out the rules of The Town Arm’s Great Selkirk Haggis Hunt.

Led by two pipers, the eager band stopped briefly at the Argus Centre where Riddell Fiddles provided lively music for the dancing of the Haggis Polka

And then it was onwards past the Pot Loch and upwards to The Hill.

Head Haggis Hunter Jimmy Linton (below, being interviewed for BBC Radio Scotland) told us: “This was the largest turnout we have ever had and the poor haggis must have been shaking in their tartan-clad skins when they saw us approach. They scattered for cover, but only a few escaped the dinner table”

One of the captives was addressed on The Hill in roaring style by Bob. This year’s haggis came from the breeding pens of butchers Lindsay Grieve, Waters, Cockburns and Halliwells, as well Sainsbury’s. Pub owner Mark Hay received a special haggis walking stick from Jim Stillie (left). Anybody who did not receive a certificate or badges should leave their details at the Town Arms.