Author offers to oust ghosts and mind kids

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An American author and spiritualist has offered to help out a Borders couple who say they can’t keep a nanny because of the ghosts in their house.

The unnamed couple, who live near Jedburgh, hit the national headlines last week by advertising for a nanny for their two children aged five and seven.

The job carried with it a salary of £50,000 – because they believe their house is haunted.

The successful nanny will have their own room with en-suite bathroom and private kitchen in the family home, which is described as a “lovely, spacious, historic property in a remote spot with spectacular views”.

It appears they have been inundated with offers from people who say they ain’t afraid of no ghosts – but The Southern was contacted this week by Glenda Smith Walters, who would like to look after the children, but also to rid the house of its spirits.

Glenda, from Lexington, North Carolina, describes herself as “the American version of Mary Poppins with children” and also claims to be an empath, able to feel and sometimes see spirits and help them “cross to the other side”.

However, the latter part is not guaranteed, as she says spirits have free will, just as they do when they are alive, and could refuse to leave.

The couple’s ad said that their job took them away from home for four nights aweek.

They added: “We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was ‘haunted’ when we bought it, but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless. Five nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving.”

Glenda, who published her book This Place That I Go – a collection of inspirational stories on angels, near-death, blessings, visions and dreams – in 2013, says she fell in love with Scotland on an earlier visit.

She said: “This position would afford me to write in my spare time.

“I wish to stress, with all the material for other books, I’m not entertaining the thought to write a book about working there.

“I’m concerned since I’m a writer/author this couple may think this is the reason I’m applying.

“If I commit to something I see it through.”

She added: “This being said ... other than they pay for my round trip fare ... I would be happy to offer my [spiritual] services for free if I did not land the nanny’s position.”

If the couple would like to take Glenda up on her offer, she can be contacted through