Anger over Selkirk trees festooned with dog dirt

Dog poo on a tree in Selkirk.
Dog poo on a tree in Selkirk.

There is growing anger in Selkirk over bags of dog excrement being thrown into trees on the town’s historic Haining Estate.

The issue was highlighted by local dog owner Sarah Cotter, from the town’s Lang Dykes area, who says her once-beautiful view across to the estate has been spoiled by thoughtless dog owners, flinging bags of dog dirt over the Haining wall.

“These bags are getting caught in trees and remain hanging there for months. I have placed signs myself which get either ripped down or blown away,” she said.

“I’ve even borrowed a friend’s tree-lopper to try and remove some of the branches. There are currently seven bags in one tree alone and others along the wall above eye level.

“There is a problem around the whole of the Haining Estate with a lack of bins. I’ve reported it to the council which says it is looking into it and have also contacted the Haining Estate, but as yet have had no reply.

“I dread to think how many bags are on the ground under the trees – this is not only a health risk, but a risk to wildlife as bags take a long time to decompose.”

Scottish Borders Council is considering what action to take, including the erection of notices.

“Litter bins are provided in Selkirk and other Borders communities for the disposal of bagged dog dirt and we would encourage dog owners to use these bins,” said a spokesperson.

“It is the law that people must clean up after their pet.”