Odd Couple coming

St Boswells Drama Club is turning its considerable talents to bringing Neil Simon’s acclaimed comedy The Odd Couple to a Borders stage for the first time next week.

This version is a very different take on the hilarious tale of lodger Felix Unger and his landlord Oscar Maddison, who were superbly realised on the silver screen by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.

This is the female version of the story, set in a New York apartment, telling of an enduring friendship which struggles to reconcile the traits of two very different characters.

The play follows Florence (Dorothy Jefferson) as she battles, like Unger, the traumas of an impending divorce and even confides in her friend Olive (Gail Gibson) that suicide is an option.

Instead of a poker party, the action is played out over an evening of Trivial Pursuit.

Like the original, the play is all about opposites – sloppy versus tidy, politeness versus curtness, outgoing versus shy – but Simon, who wrote the female version in the 1980s, gives the women very specific attributes and, for many critics, creates an even funnier play.

The show takes place in the village hall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week with curtain up at 7.30pm.

It is directed by Selkirk’s Simon Watson who made successful debut with the company last year with the intricate whodunnit Out of Sight, Out of Murder.

Tickets (£6 for the opening night and £7 on Thursday and Friday) are available from St Boswells Post Office or at the door.