Novel’s Olympic warning

The Scottish Parliament has been blown up and northern Britain is under attack - thankfully not a real-life disaster but the subject of William Loneskie’s new novel, Threat Level Critical.

The retired Oxton teacher hopes his book will not only entertain but also be a warning.

With security for London Olympics this summer set to be unprecedented, Mr Loneskie asks whether that will be at the expense of the rest of the country, and whether terrorists will see an opportunity to attack non-London targets.

He said: “Successive government cuts have undermined the defence of the realm.

“A quasi-military group would face little immediate opposition.

“ In one of my chapters I have the fictional HMS Dexter saving the day, but in reality the coastal defence of Britain hardly exists.

“As a geographer, I travelled hundreds of miles researching my 50,000-word novel which I have set in real places from Assynt to York. I hope it will be read as a political statement as well as a good yarn.”

The author says he has “thoroughly researched” his plot in real places in northern Britain so the reader may go there and reflect on whether what happened in the novel could happen in the future.

Threat Level Critical is available to download for the Kindle eBook on the Amazon website.