Not worth a second look

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said undecided voters in the Borders should give his party a “second look” at the general election (Southern, January 29).

As a previously-staunch Labour voter (for more than 40 years), I urge anyone contemplating such a measure to pass on his invitation.

The party he leads has had umpteen “looks” and chances to reform over the decades – and their deeds have repeatedly failed to match up to their rhetoric.

It is no longer good enough for his party simply not to be either Conservatives or Liberal Democrats. We demand – and deserve – much better, particularly as there are Scottish-based parties of proven ability who are willing to fill the social democratic void that his party over the years slowly, but steadily, vacated.

Mr Murphy’s party has shown over the last few years that Scotland is not, and never has been, its first priority. Goodness knows, therefore, how low the Borders is on that particular list.

Mr Murphy’s solution to show how much he really, really cares is to hold a branch office shadow cabinet meeting in the region. I’m sure there will be delirious dancing in the streets of Galashiels, Selkirk, Hawick or Peebles at the prospect.

Mr Murphy and his party are yesterday’s men and women. They are no longer fit for purpose so, for the first time in a general election, I’ll be voting for the party which puts the interests of Scotland – and the people who live here – first, and which is also prepared to leave the tiresome climbing of Westminster’s greasy poles to the ilk of self-serving opportunists like Jim Murphy.

I’ve a feeling quite a few might join me.

Al Munro

High Street