Not voting? Well, let’s hear no moaning

When Scotland held its independence referendum less than two years ago, there were admiring – and envious – glances from many parts of the globe.

The level of voter engagement in the run-up to referendum day, culminating in a turnout of almost 85%, rightly drew praise from many quarters.

This encouraging trend continued in May last year when 71.1% of Scots voters made their mark at the polling booths in the Westminster elections.

Let’s hope citizens play their democratic part en masse today when electing MSPs to Holyrood, prior to the drama unfolding when counting begins.

We wholeheartedly back David Mundell’s wish for a big turnout (see neighbouring page), regardless of which party voters plump for. Don’t let apathy emerge the victor. We’ve little time for the they’re-all-as-bad-as-each other attitude. Whoever is elected will have an effect on your life – especially with the Scottish Parliament’s new powers.

So cast your vote – even if you see it as choosing the best of a bad bunch.

If you don’t, then expect sympathy to be thin on the ground if you complain afterwards.