Not the time nor place, your lairdship

The use of the Braw Lads’ Gathering by James Pringle, Laird of Torwoodlee, to advance his personal opinion on the independence debate is an absolute disgrace.

He was host to visitors who came to celebrate the very best of Galashiels and he subjected them to a one-sided diatribe which they may or may not have agreed with, but had to listen to.

The implication that the Gathering could be cancelled if the vote does not go the way he wants is mind-boggling.

Here in the Borders we take our traditions and culture seriously. But the days of touching our forelocks to hereditary lairds and following their dictates are long gone.

The Gala Day celebrations will continue, regardless of his unfortunate and intemperate speech. No matter what opinions were held by the official party visiting Torwoodlee, it was neither the time nor the place to lecture guests on personally-held views on the referendum.

Derek Philips