Not embracing the wider community

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The Reverend Leslie Steele just doesn’t get it (letters, July 28).

He seems to think that describing gay people in the same way as most of the rest of society would describe their thoughts on paedophiles will make him come across as a reasonable, middle-of-the-road clergyman – i.e. gay people are just about tolerable provided they never have sex. Again this is hardly portraying him or his church as welcoming or embracing the wider Scottish community with open arms.

Perhaps the Reverend Steele should, in his retirement, take the advice of J. Waugh (letters, July 28) and take down his copy of the Bible from its shelf, dust it off, start reading and discover that God really loves everyone.

Andy Gilbert

Magdala Terrace


I don’t know what special knowledge or experience the Reverend Leslie Steele has of “the real issues of homosexual sex” (letters, July 28).

Apart from the gender of the participants, there is no difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals in any relevant sex act.

If the Reverend Steele is unsure about the facts of life he should seek advice, instead of meddling with the lives of other people.

Alastair Lings

Tweed Road