Not all of us are in this together

We hear from the UK government so much about this time of austerity and how “we are all in this together”, but when are the energy companies going to joins us all?

When is this government going to say enough is enough, stop hiking the prices up? (Silly me, I forgot the Tories are the energy companies). With 20 per cent VAT next month as well, what an excuse for retailers and others to jump on the price hike merry-go-round.

I remember what happened when decimalisation was introduced in 1971.

The banks caused this austerity and they have done nothing to make me think they wouldn’t do the same again. After all, the government pulled them out once, so why not again?

Prices are rocketing and it seems to me that the only people suffering are the sick, poor and unemployed (which seems to be the only growth industry at the moment).

I can understand students kicking off about their fees etc., but cannot understand why no-one has pointed out to them that they only need to pay back the money when they reach a certain level of income (£21,000pa, I believe).

The way this country is going they won’t have to worry about paying grants or fees back as there will be no jobs, therefore no income for them to earn.

Bill Ferguson

Brisbane Place