No school short cut

I would like to ask for the support and co-operation of your readers in relation to Broomlands Primary School playground.

We have recently experienced difficulties resulting from local residents using the playground as a short cut and also for walking their dogs. This is happening during, as well as after the school day, even while the children are playing or learning in our grounds.

There is no access to local housing developments through the school grounds.

As a result of these ongoing issues and safety concerns for our children, Scottish Borders Council has recently erected a new perimeter fence to the Broomlands Drive side of our school.

We are politely reminding residents that this is private property and must not be used as a short cut or for walking dogs. There is now no access to the Broomlands Drive area.

CCTV cameras are in operation around the school and when necessary images will be passed on to Lothian and Borders Police for action.

Michelle Matthews

(head teacher)

Broomlands Primary School Kelso