No recognition for trustees’ hard work in sporting circles

I applaud Borders Sport and Leisure Trust (BSLT), following the successful representation of local athletes at the Olympic Games in London, in its organisation of the forthcoming Celebration of Borders Sport.

But I am disappointed to see the event advertised without recognition of the hard work of the trustees of the James McLean Trust since 1993. It was set up in memory of James McLean, the director of education whose interest in sport in schools and the community ensured opportunities for all to take part in sport at all levels – school, regional, area and national.

The trust organised an annual Celebration of Borders Sport from 1993 where athletes, coaches, officials and administrators received awards for their efforts and achievements. Scholarships were also presented to promising athletes and coaches to further their achievements.

I wish BSLT well with the event on March 1 – the 16th Borders Celebration of Sport.

Eleanor Pearson

Spylaw Park