No quick fix for issue but Tesco tries its best

THIS week a drug addict was placed on a drug treatment and testing order after it was discovered he had been injecting heroin in the toilets at Tesco’s in Galashiels.

And although capped, he’d discarded his used syringe in the toilet bin.

Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened at the superstore, and chances are it won’t be the last. The situation is so bad that Tesco staff have increased the number of times they check the facilities, with the toilets being looked at every half hour. CCTV is also being used as the supermarket giant tries to clamp down on the problem.

Understandably most people reading this will be shocked. Not only are Tesco’s staff cleaning the toilets being put at risk by this sort of behaviour, but children and older members of the public who use the facilities are at risk too.

The problem of dealing with drug abuse is a complex one, and one that our local authorities, police and the court services all work hard to find a solution for.

But while we would all prefer it wasn’t happening, praise should go to Tesco for facing up to the issue. It has taken our safety seriously and has tried to put measures in place to ensure shoppers are not put in harms way by an issue that is to a large extent outwith the supermarket’s control.

It has not tried to run away from the problem, but the supermarket and its staff are dealing with it head on.