No merit in failing to conserve Jedburgh’s past

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that the demolition of the listed building in Jedburgh High Street is a failure rather than a triumph (Southern, June 16).

I am not trying to say that this old building is an architectural masterpiece, but I understood it was part of a conservation area. It seems that the duty of conservation has not been taken very seriously on this occasion.

Conservation areas are not created for fun on some casual whim. Buildings from our past, including the humble ones (some might say especially the humble ones), all combine together to form a valuable and irreplaceable historic environment.

It shouldn’t be necessary to remind our decision-makers of the good economic reasons for not destroying piecemeal the old centre of an ancient Borders town seeking to benefit from tourism.

We are all too familiar with Scottish towns which really have been blighted by the lazy erosion of anything of age and character. Jedburgh deserved better.

Douglas Hunter