No means Yes to austerity

William Loneskie (letters, June 19) lists all the things which he believes “we will continue to enjoy” if there is a No vote in the referendum.

His list was incomplete – he should have added the following.

If we vote No, we will be forced to continue to pay a share of the costs of keeping nuclear weapons in Scotland for several decades, money which could be spent on other more productive things.

If we vote No, we will be submitting to a continuation and deepening of the austerity policies of all the Westminster parties, leading to inevitable further cuts and dismantling of public services in Scotland.

If we vote No, we will continue to “enjoy” economic policies which favour the so-called financial “industry” at the expense of policies which support real productive industry, and which are biased towards the rich rather than the poor.

It’s time for a change.

David Bethune

Marion Crescent