No bother walking along Boleside

I have been reading in TheSouthern during the past months about Boleside and some people saying they have been treated badly by the landowners.

I live in Edinburgh now, but lived in Galashiels most of my life and still come to the town often.

We go along Boleside for walks and have always found the people who work for Laggan Properties to be polite, helpful and very nice.

My partner Elaine was feeling unwell one day and we were invited into the Laggan premises to sit down and she was given a glass of water. We were made to feel very welcome and after a period of relaxing and chatting, we carried on to walk along Boleside. We walked a bit further, when she began to feel unwell again, and a Laggan employee gave us a lift back to Galashiels where we were staying overnight.

Last week’s letter about Boleside confused me, as we have never seen any signs denying access to walking along the public road. What I understand now is that Scottish Borders Council is no longer wanting to maintain the area by the riverside, and has removed the benches and bins. The area will now revert back to its natural state and will still be a lovely place to walk.

I have spoken to some of my friends who live in Galashiels and surrounding area, and they have never had any problems with Boleside. Perhaps it is like Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can please most of the people most of the time, some of the people some of the time, but none of the people all of the time.”

Margaret Johnston